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Cleanest Dental Office In Town!

Since many people wonder what sort of infection control procedures are used in a dental office, but don't often ask, we thought we'd take the proactive approach and share with you how we keep your health and safety at the top of our list at All Seasons Dental.

Hygiene is at the core of every sound dental practice. No doubt when you arrive at our office, you notice it is clean from top to bottom, and that familiar dentist office “clean” scent permeates the air. That fresh clean scent is a testament to our adherence to the strict guidelines set out by the American Dental Association (ADA), and the Centers For Disease Control (CDC), that instruct our every move when it comes to protecting each patient.

It means that all surfaces in the appointment room, including the dental chair, dental light, and all drawers and counter tops have been cleaned and decontaminated. We may also at times cover these areas with protective covers and replace them with each new patient.

It means that “critical,” non-disposable items such as our instruments and burs are all sterilized after each use by pressurized steam (auto-claving). It also means that “semi-critical” dental tools that come in contact with mucous membranes, but that do not penetrate soft tissues (like mirrors and re-usable impression trays), are either sterilized in the above manner, or sterilized using a high-level disinfectant.

Lastly, needles, gloves and masks are all considered single-use, and as such are disposed of as would be expected.

Your health and safety is important to the entire staff at All Seasons Dental.

Dental Office, Dentist, Sterile Area
All Seasons Dental Sterilization Area

If you ever have any questions we can address for you regarding this or any other concern, please call or drop in – we'll be glad to assist.

Dental Office, Dentist, Treatment Room
All Seasons Dental Treatment Room

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