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COVID-19 Safety at All Seasons Dental

We take the safety and health of our patients and staff very seriously, that is why we are following all COVID safety guidelines put in place by the Center for Disease Control, Stark County Health Department and the American Dental Association. Measures like social distancing, symptom pre-screening, temperature monitoring and reserved appointment times to control patient flow have been put in place. Additionally we have added some new protocols including our extraoral suctions, for mid- treatment use and HEPA filtration units placed throughout the office. 

Patients are not required to wear a mask in our office at this time. But be assured, we will follow all guidelines set by the Ohio Department of Health. 

Our Clinical Mission

At All Seasons Dental, our clinical mission is to achieve the pinnacle in comprehensive dental and preventative care for our patients.  Our doctors partner with our team members and patients to deliver a remarkable and memorable experience utilizing quality treatment and superior customer service.  Our philosophy of care is listening carefully to our patients and delivering treatment in a comfortable manner.  We keep up to date with continuing education, thereby enabling us to provide our patients with leading-edge technology, materials and techniques. 

Training and Education


Throughout the year, we attend numerous continuing education courses to stay current with the latest technology, treatments and protocols. Continuous in-house training is performed throughout the year to ensure that we remain an efficient team and provide superior service to our patients. Our most recent training and certifications were our bi-annual CPR training, and our annual OSHA training.


Your Safety is Our Priority!


Infection control is very important at All Seasons Dental. To protect our patients and our team, we strictly adhere to the sterilization and cross-contamination standards recommended by the American Dental Association (ADA), the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), and the Center for Disease Control (CDC). Additionally:

-  All instruments are debrided and pre-washed using a state of the art Miele thermal disinfector, packaged individually and autoclaved (heat steamed under pressure) after each use with sterilization testing strips ensure complete sterilization.

-  Our water lines are tested and treated to eliminate harmful bacterial biofilm and to meet the current recommendations from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) of <500 CFU/ml.     


-  Digital x-rays are utilized to reduce and minimize radiation exposure.

-  Protective, lead x-ray aprons are used to protect the chest and thyroid.

-  Protective eyewear is provided for all patients.

-  Additionally, latex products are not used in our practice.

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